Sports fans love to compare legendary athletes separated by generations, comparing the stars and debating, who was better?  An intriguing yet difficult question to answer especially when the two stars never competed against each other.

The concept behind "The All-Time Bears" is to produce a book of all time great Chicago legends depicted with their all star counterparts from completely different eras.  The words and art from Dick Butkus and Dave Hobrecht pit former and current stars in fantasy match-ups, either face to face in friendly rivalries or in heated head to head competition.  "The All-Time Bears" book connects past legends versus present stars on paper and canvas.

To further bring the fantasy Bears clashes to life, the words will include the interviews, stats, and insights from Hall of Fame Bear, Dick Butkus.  The paintings will incorporate game-used relics directly onto the canvases, such as dirt and grass from the Stadium, a swatch of a Hall of Famer's game used jersey, clippings from a football or slices of a cleat used in a legendary game, and pieces of architectural relics from a stadium bleacher seat.

"The All-Time Bears" book tells a story on paper and on canvas that gives fans an inside view of the mind of Dick Butkus through words and an artistic, visual touchpoint to spark imagination.  A place to launch or continue the debate about which All-Time Bear is truly greater.